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Gas bottles

Since 1962, Kauffman Gas has been THE gas specialist!

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, we have the right bottle for you, no matter what your needs are. From 5 to 44 kg, our wide range consists of gas cylinders of different models and dimensions.

The Kauffman Gas bottle is multi-purpose and will always find its use in your daily life. Whether it is for a barbecue, for cooking at home or on a camping site or for the Horeca and construction for a professional, our gas bottle will give you complete satisfaction every time.

What's more, Kauffman Gas cylinders are delivered FREE OF CHARGE to your home throughout Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

You can find the right gas bottle for you in our online shop.


How do I get a Kauffman Gas bottle?

  • Via our 3 drive-ins located throughout Wallonia in Remouchamps (Liège), Tamines and Houdeng-Goegnies but also in our shop in Rocourt and Kleinbettingen (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). Click here for opening hours and addresses of our shops. 

           1) You order the bottle of your choice from our wide range.

           2) After entering your address, you can proceed to payment.

           3) Choose the delivery of your bottle. It can be delivered free of charge to your home depending on the dates of our truck tour. You can also choose the exact date of delivery to your home (outside of the tour) for an extra charge of 10€. Finally, you can pick it up in our shops.


Are Kauffman Gas bottles guaranteed?

Yes, all our bottles are guaranteed. They remain our property. The deposit system encourages careful use of the cylinder and allows us to contribute to the quality, maintenance and safety of the equipment we provide.

When you make your first purchase, you will be asked to pay a deposit and we will give you a deposit card.

When your bottle is empty :

  • If you want a new one filled, you bring it back to us and in exchange, we give you one. You will only pay for the gas.
  • If you wish to return it definitively, we will only refund the deposit on your bottle on presentation of the deposit card.