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The Kauffman Group

Kauffman in its early days


In 1962, the founder José Kauffman set up a commercial activity for the packaging and distribution of bottled gas, the headquarter was located on a property in Florzé-Rouvreux.

The installation of tanks and their supply allowed a growing expansion of activities and forced the young company to move to Sougné-Remouchamps.

Its constant development soon led it to set up a centre for the burial of gas cylinders, as well as a showroom for the sale of gas appliances.

The dynamic growth of this company did not stop there.
Kauffman develops the same commercial activity in Tamines (Sambreville), under the name of "Kauffman gaz s.a.".

In 1985, part of the company "Massart" established in Rocourt (Liège) can be acquired and will become a branch of Ets Kauffman in Remouchamps.

In 1989, it will be the acquisition of the company Houdigaz s.a., which became Kauffman Gaz houdeng s.a., established in Houdeng-Goegnies (La Louvière) and the creation of the company Chargaz s.a.
This is how the Kauffman Gaz Group took shape.

Unfortunately, on 28 April 1992, the founder José Kauffman succumbed to a short but virulent illness. He will leave behind him one of the most dynamic and important companies in the region. The human imprint will undeniably be that of an extraordinary man, constantly esteemed by all his staff and his faithful family.

To date, the position of Managing Director is held by his son Marc Kauffman at the company's head office in Remouchamps.

Kauffman Gaz continues its expansion and development:

In 1997, a new Kauffman Gaz company was founded in Kleinbettingen, where it acquired an ever-growing reputation on the Luxembourg market.

Marc Kauffman continues to expand the Kauffman Gaz sites, with, over the years, new branches in Hannut, Malmedy, Hastière and most recently in Assesse.

To date, there are 4 sites in Wallonia and 1 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to serve all gas customers in cylinders and tanks.

Kauffman is THE reference for gas, a field in which its reputation is well established.

We have been doing our job with passion for more than 50 years and it is these years of experience that we place at your service.


Kauffman becomes a Group, the association of fire and water

Diversification of activities becomes a natural path, so in 2004, the company Spray-Tech, located in Chaineux and specialising in cleaning equipment for professionals as well as hot air, was acquired. (heat guns, industrial heating,...)

At the same time, the Kauffman Group, your industrial partner, is founded. The companies of the Kauffman Group offer a wide range of products and services for professionals.

Integration of the company Sirio Technologies, located in Assesse (formerly A.C. Sirio). This company is specialised in the installation of car-washes, truck washes, gantry washes and is also active in the sector of cleaning equipment for professionals.

Creation of the company Kauffman Technic, dedicated to all heating systems and renewable energies.

At the end of 2009, we introduce the Santinel brand to gas bottle dealers/dealers.

Creation of the company SK Immo Technic dedicated to all development and earthmoving works.

2015, Merger of the companies Spray Tech and Sirio Technologies to become Kauffman Cleaning the specialist in cleaning equipment and move to a new building on avenue de la Porallée 32 in Remouchamps.

Today, the Kauffman Group is evolving and innovating in the fields of gas, heat, water,... and is positioned as an essential partner in the industry.

Other projects are in progress and constitute, for the future, the new ferment of a continuous development.